Thursday, April 20, 2006

7 In 10 Dentists Recommend Sugar-Free Bubbles

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The latest Gallup Poll shows 70 percent of consumers are expecting a pop.

Ho hum.

Does anyone really expect a poll to predict a market crash. If people were paying attention to what was really going on we'd achieve better voter turnout than 55 percent.

Nonetheless, here's what Gallup had to say:
Most consumers expect the "housing bubble" to burst in the next year. Increasing interest rates, surging energy prices, and increasing housing inventories add credence to this outlook. While consumers remain much more optimistic about their local housing markets than those of other areas around the nation, the overall economic effects of a slowdown could make current consumer expectations seem prescient later this year.
Not sure how the data washes when compared with the study conducted last fall that said, according to the Daily News Transcript:
"60 percent of homeowners expect the value of their homes to increase by at least 5 percent annually during the next several years."
The Daily News Transcript is a sister publication of the Boston Herald out of Needham, MA.

A press release about the latest Gallup Poll had an interesting quote in reaction to the results:
"While consumers are clearly concerned that housing activity will slow this year, it is somewhat reassuring that they are much less pessimistic when talking about the conditions where they live as opposed to the nation as a whole," said Ed Ojdana, group president of Experian Interactive. "The relatively small number of consumers expecting significant housing price declines is also a positive sign given consumer expectations of a housing slowdown."
A poll, is a pole, is a pol (as in politician).

Like I said, ho hum.

-- The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble/Los Angeles and Beyond