Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What Do You Want?

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Dear Readers,

As we approach the first birthday of this site — it began nearly a year ago — it's clear that things are changing, not just in terms of real estate news, but in terms of what gets reported here at The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble.

My hope is that this site gives guidance to more-informed sources of information, stories that look primarily at Los Angeles, but also at the nation and other regions that Los Angelenos look to put their real estate dollars. Occassionally I'll fail to restrain myself from going on a rant, but it seems as though you forgive me that. And sometimes, I'm even funny. Other times I offer observations about what's going on in the streets, take my little camera along to snap a shot of a sign, or situation that just has to be seen to be believed. But, enough about what I do. I am more concerned with what I'm not doing.

With all the hits on these pages each day, you must have some wants, and I'd like to hear them. After all, I don't do this for me. I do it for you. I want to poison your minds with my sinister media powers, mwah ah ah.

The anonymous comments are open so that all readers can share. Please take the time to jot down what you'd like to see more, less, or perhaps there's something entirely new you wish would be available here. No suggestion will be considered lunatic, unless it's just plain mean, in which case it will be promptly deleted.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit these ad-free pages. I hope it continues to be worth your time.

Yours in Houselessness,

— Cole

— The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble