Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Northern CA Town Doubles Price On eBay

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Remember the town that was up for auction on eBay four years ago?

Just like the Brooklyn Bridge, it's back up for sale according to an LA Times story, although a search of eBay turned up no such listing.
Four years after becoming the first town auctioned on eBay, tiny Bridgeville, Calif., is once again for sale on the Web site.

Bruce Krall, an Orange County financial broker who bought the 83-acre hamlet for $700,000, is seeking a minimum bid of $1.75 million for the riverfront property in far northern California.

Included in the deal are three cows, a 136-year-old post office, a vacant cafe and a cemetery that reportedly contains the grave of the last white man killed by Native Americans in Humboldt County. Bidding is set to begin April 4.

This is the third time that Bridgeville has been put up for sale in recent years.

"It's kinda like the town that nobody wants," said Mel Shuman, who runs a nearby cattle ranch.

— The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble