Friday, March 10, 2006

LA Agents Express Unease About Slowdown

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The Realty Times has an interesting Market Conditions Report for Los Angeles.

As you read through the submissions by various agents, keep in mind that this is what they were willing to say carefully in print. Imagine what they say when they're talking frankly to their brother in law.

Here's some highlights:
"We are definately experiencing a slowdown of sales. Homes are remaining on the market longer than previous months."

Lori Maynard & April Landry , REALTOR, Los Angeles

"Sales are still brisk, but the market is beginning to smile on buyers, not just sellers."

Kathleen Chiras, Consumer Consultant, Los Angeles

"If you are looking for a home that needs some cosmetic work you may be able to find something under $700,000, but the market has cooled a lot from a few months ago."

Rick Lombardo, REALTOR, Los Angles

"The areas nearest to the urban centers remain in high demand even when the housing market cools and the demand for outlying decreases. "

Jon Wittman, REALTOR, Los Angeles

"Homes in the $750,000 and above range are sitting on the market just a little longer than usual."

Cherryl Weaver, REALTOR, Los Angeles
Find more at The Realty Times' Market Conditions Report.

— The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble