Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Steel Yourself For The Coming Pop

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A column in the Telluride Daily Planet, says that "all financial and real estate experts agree that (the burst of the housing bubble) is inevitable."

The column goes on to state that homeowners can prepare for the "coming dip in their property value" by investing in home improvements.

The meat of the piece offers "five common equity-building exterior improvements," which are: 1. Roofing; 2. Deck/patio; 3. Landscaping; 4. Sheds/Garages; and 5. Siding.
Seamless steel siding is the only siding option that eliminates both the need to paint and the risk of cracking or leaking. "One of the biggest benefits of this product is its longevity," says (Scott Seiler, of ABC Seamless, an exterior home improvement expert). "The seamless quality eliminates any opportunity for moisture, dirt or bugs to get in. The siding never needs to be painted or stained. The color looks as good after 20 years as it did when it was first installed."
Yes. Seriously. It says all that.

— The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble