Thursday, February 23, 2006

Move Before It Pops

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Ever heard of Sure you have. It's the name behind sites like and, but, as reported by Motley Fool today, Homestore doesn't want to be called Homestore anymore.

It's changing its name to "Move."


Rick Aristotle Munarriz, the author of the Motley Fool piece, wondered the same thing:
Is this really about shedding a name that may seem out of favor if the housing bubble continues to lose steam? That's what a cynic would think -- and I usually am one -- but I'll give Move a chance.
But what if?

What's on the mind of all those people who paid way too much for their homes, and who used exotic loan products to buy them? They're worried about whether the bubble is going to pop, and they're wondering if now is the time to MOVE.

Sounds like genius to me. Better than any of the options I tried to concoct, most of which included references to rental storage and the loss of many shirts.

— The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble