Saturday, February 25, 2006

Like, HELLO? The Hollywood Sign Is A 'For Sale' Sign

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One of our primary concerns with the housing bubble in Los Angeles is that it's resulted in a lack of housing, not just that it's placed what little housing there is out of our financial reach. And so I always perk at the sight of a story about a new development in the LA region, like I did when I read of a goverment move to stop a proposed development that might tarnish, or obscure views of the Hollywood sign.

Mack Reed over at LAVoice.Org has already weighed into the fight with some good common sense. He points to the same LA Times story I saw about the issue, and offers a reminder about the beloved icon of tinseltown.

Mack puts it best when he says:
Does anyone remember that the sign used to be nothing more than a big-ass advertisement for a 500-acre subdivision called HOLLYWOODLAND?
I mean, HELLO?

— The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble