Thursday, January 19, 2006

More Bubble-Blog Bubble Talk

It seems we bubble bloggers are everywhere, and people are starting to notice.

Two blogs, Long or Short Capital and The Stalwart blogged today about the proliferation of Bubble Blogs.

Long or Short Capital even went so far as to call it "Irrational Blogbooberance."

It is kinda funny. I like saying that word. "Blogbooberance."

You think maybe these guys read The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble? Or, maybe just the North County Times?

When the mainstream media does it, it's called "pack journalism." But what do we call this? "Pack blogging?"

Oh no, wait, I got one. Let's call it "Blogbooberance."

To be fair to The Stalwart, he did point out that Long or Short Capital had the same item, and that it was merely a coincidence.

All kidding aside, both these blogs are stellar members of the blogging community and certainly worth your time to take a look.

— The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble