Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bubble Blogger in Headlines

Keri Brenner, a reporter for the Marin Independent Journal, has a story today about our friend Marinite at Marin Real Estate Bubble. Check out the story at this link, but be patient. It took awhile for the page to load when I tried to read it. Here's an excerpt:
Does your blood boil every time you see a two-bedroom, one-bath fixer in Mill Valley for sale for $1.6 million?

Do you have the urge to lob paint balls at the next real estate agent who brags about multiple offers for his $2.3 million townhouse listing in Sausalito?

If so, a new blog has been created for you: Marin Real Estate Bubble.

The Web log, started by a 40-something Mill Valley man who identifies himself only as "Marinite," is a forum for frustration and dire predictions about an over-inflated Marin housing market.

"Right now, the amygdalas (portion of the brain) inside a lot of housing speculators and property owners in bubble-land are lighting up pretty strongly now, and are likely to be going into the equivalent of an epileptic fit fairly soon," the blog said last month. "It looks like this housing bubble has turned."
Keep up the good work Marinite.

— The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble