Friday, October 07, 2005

Federal Reserve Poll

The Federal Reserve Board has increased the overnight fed funds rate 11 times this year to 3.75 percent. Although this doesn't have any direct link to mortgage rates, it does have a strong influence. And so, it's a big issue with regards to whether the housing bubble will pop anytime soon. If mortgage rates rise too quickly, most experts agree that the housing market could take a dive. The question now is, will the Fed continue to raise rates the rate at its next meeting Nov. 1? And so, a poll...

Which do you think the Federal Reserve will do?
Raise rates again because it's concerned about inflation.
Raise rates again because it's hoping to influence mortgage rates.
Raise rates for some other reason.
Not raise rates to help President Bush's approval rating.
Not raise rates for fear of crashing the stock market.
Not raise rates to give Greenspan a happy sendoff.
Not raise rates for some other reason.

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— The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble