Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Academics Acknowledge Bubble

Indiana academics, business leaders and lawmakers are participating today in a Financial Forum Series to discuss what to do when the housing bubble pops.

Sponsored by Networks Financial Institute (NFI) and Indiana State University, the forum intends to look at whether the state can avoide the kind of devastatoin experienced after the tech bubble popped five years ago.

An excerpt from the news release about the Financial Forum Series:
“The housing market has remained a constant source of growth and economic vigor, unlike any other component of the economy. The State cannot afford to deny the implications a decline or bust in the housing market would present,” said Dr. John Tatom, director of research for Networks Financial Institute.
Sounds like Indiana is ahead of a lot of other states. At least they're willing to wade into the discussion, instead of whispering the word "bubble" the way some people used to whisper the word "cancer," as if to say it outloud would make it a reality.

— The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble