Wednesday, September 28, 2005

To Pop or Not, That is the Question

There are 1.26 million hits on Google for "Housing Bubble" and a mere 630,000 for "Housing Boom." (See the stats at GoogleFight) Clearly, one has been getting a lot more attention. And so, comes the question. Are these the end times? Has the bubble popped? Is it popping? Will it pop? And so, I give you the first poll ever on The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble. There are two questions below. If you answer in the affirmative for the first, please be sure to answer the second one:

Is there a national housing bubble?
Don't Know


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If there's a housing bubble, when will it pop?
It popped already, and you'll see that a year from now.
In the fourth quarter of 2005
In the first half of 2006
In the second half of 2006
In 2007
In 2008
In 2009
In 2010
After 2010


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— The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble